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Django is very stable web-framework that has been actively developed over past ten years. There might be many tutorials and talks out there about Django but there is hardly one that is more catered to mobile developers. After all, mobile developers have to carefully choose a backend for their app because it’s the building block of a good project.This talk is not only for mobile app developers but also for beginners in both Python and Django. This talk will suggest libraries and show how they can help you implement a wonderful and flexible project.

The libraries covered in this talk are django-allauth, imagekit, anymail and rest framework. We will also provide some examples as to how you can reduce the computing burden in the client app and move that part to the backend server; write that code using our favorite language: Python. This talk will also cover ways to improve the design and user experience of your django website. You will come away from this talk with a better design approach of rest API endpoints which are essential for building client apps.

Django is a powerful and useful addition to web framework that allows developers of multiple experiences levels to efficiently build modern application backend. Now you’ve built a fine Django web project, but wondering what’s the best way to deploy your app? This talk will demonstrate techniques for deploying projects on two popular servers: Azure and Pythonanywhere.

As Pycon KR 2017’s theme is “Back to the basic”, so at the end of this talk you will have a basic understanding of Django-as-backend, techniques to deploy it on server and use it’s rest framework library effectively.


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