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Financial Aid Program

All conference attendees including event chair, volunteers, speakers pays for PyCon registration. This is beloved philosophy of PyCon. That way, we can achieve the attendees be part of the conference with equal status. [Everybody Pays]

However, in the other hand, the philosophy might be a barrier to someone who can not afford for the ticket or expense of traveling. We take this as another discrimination.

To solve this irony, PyCon APAC 2016 team has a financial aid program, providing funds to help people attend PyCon. Financial aid recipients have some part of their expenses (which can include registration, travel, accomodation) paid for with the PyCon budget. While we can't cover all expenses for everyone, we try our hardest to optimally allocate our budget. 

The financial aid program is set to minimize the financial barrier of the conference and to maximize the benefits to the community. For instance, taking students and engineers with full-time job into consideration, we will favor the students. Then, community contributors or conference speakers will have high priority.

The application form would be valid until Jun 15. However it may closed sooner as running out the budget.

Please contact to for any questions.

PyCon APAC Fund

All budget from Patron ticket sales would be add up financial aid fund for this year. We consider the application and try our best to optimally allocate our budget

We'll contact you if your request is approved. Also please keep in mind that financial aid recipients must bring the receipt, photo ID, etc. to verify the expense to the reception desk on the day of PyCon APAC 2016.

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PyCon SG Fund

We appreciate PyCon SG raising a fund for the encouragement of presentation proposals from the APAC region.

For the coming PyCon APAC in Seoul, I would like to announce that, with the support of Python User Group (Singapore), I have “secured” a little funding for the promotion and encouragement of presentation proposals from the APAC region for PyCon APAC. The intent is to support and encourage the APAC nature of our conference.

The funds will be drawn from savings from the PyCon APAC vote in Singapore. We would like to sponsor a total of SGD$2,800 and we are proposing that the sum be divided into quantum’s of SGD$400 each. That means a total of 7 presenters who can be supported from this funding.

We are proposing a few simple guidance/rules:

  • The funds will support only presenters from the APAC region travelling to S. Korea. So we propose excluding S. Korea.
  • The presenter must have a presentation that has been formally accepted by the PyCon APAC (Seoul) committee.
  • The presenter must indicate during his/her proposal submission if he/she is applying for the fund
  • The funds can be used by the presenter to offset some of the cost associated with presenting at the conference.
  • The disbursement of the funds will be facilitated by Python User Group (Singapore) directly through means like bank telegraphic transfer, etc