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Andrew Svetlov

Python Core Developer
aiohttp maintainer
aio-libs lead


AIOHTTP is the asyncio-based HTTP client and web server

We will held a sprint, it means attendees will solve issues from aiohttp bug tracker but fixing existing bugs and adding new features.

The project has a list of already registered relative simple feature requests, feel free to pick up a task of your choice and make it done.

The event is all-day long but you may join or leave at any time if needed.

Detailed description (required)

- Source Code:
- Documentation:

The sprint is dedicated to solving relative simple bugs and trivial improvements.
it's not a master class or tutorial but an event for contributing into aiohttp source code itself.

You are free to work on issues of your choice but aiohttp bug tracker has issues tagged by easy label.

Maybe it will help you with choosing your tasks.
As aiohttp maintainer I'll be happy to help by answering any questions and code review.

Audience level

There are no strong requirements, event a green newbie may take a part and do something useful. 
But you should know Python, Test Driven Development aka unittest writing and git. We use classic GitHub workflow for contributions via Pull Requests.


You need a laptop with Python 3.5, a virtualenv and a clone of aiohttp project.
I can help with making proper development environment but please make sure you have Python 3.5 installed at least.

Also please read Instructions for contributors:

The event is all day long.

We reserved a space for 5 people but not afraid to come. I believe we are able to host all sprinters without any problem.

See you soon!

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