Staff and Volunteers

PyCon Korea Organizing Team

PyCon Korea Organizing Team was first organized in 2014 and we’re preparing our fifth PyCon in Korea. PyCon Korea Organizing Team is an open community of Pythonistas recruiting new members every year. The members listed below are preparing for PyCon Korea 2018 (Ordered alphabetically in Korean).

Gukheon Kwon

Doohoon Kim

Soyeon Kim

Seul Kim

Aeyeong Kim

Yeontae Kim

Won Kim

Jeonghwan Kim

Yeongguen Nah

Seho Noh

Joeun Park

Hyejeong Park

Gwonhan Bae

Seunghyo Seo

Geunwoo Shin

Siyeong Oh

Yura Lee

Jongseo Lee

Chanmo Jeong

Seongsoo Cho

Kyoyoung Chu

Yeonui Hong


PyCon is a community-based conference with passions and helps of Pythonistas.

We will need your help in various places. Anyone who attends PyCon KR 2018 can apply for the volunteers. The application is only valid for those who have completed the registration of PyCon KR 2018. We always appreciate your help.

Schedule for recruitment

The detailed schedule has not been determined. We will announce the recruitment schedule on our Homepage and Facebook  once it's ready.

What volunteers do

1. Register Participants

- You will check the participants' names and their registration in PyCon KR 2018. Once it's verified, you can hand out their name tags and participation goods.

2. Host Sessions

- You will be responsible for managing times in presentations, guiding and supporting speakers so that the sessions can operate smoothly during the conference. For each track, 2 to 3 volunteers will be a team taking care of each sessions, and the session manager will introduce the speakers, manage the presenting time, and host Q&As, and session operators will guide speakers' movement before the session starts, and help the operation of the sessions.

3. Distribute Participation Goods

- You will help packaging participation goods in a bag to be handed out to attendees.

4. Support Sprint and Tutorial Sessions

- You will help the hosts to prepare of the session, distribute hand-outs, and guide participants to their seats during the class.

5. Support the Conference

- You will do various works to run PyCon KR 2018.

  • Guide to the venue
  • Support a wide range of works before and after the conference
  • Support a wide range of works for additional events during the conference