Call for proposals

  • Please read How-To guide before you fill your application up. Also, please keep in mind that every talk sessions, lightning talks would be recorded and published to public.
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Slogan of PyCon Korea 2017

PyCon KR 2017 will be under the slogan of ‘Back to the basic’. So Python beginners will also be invited to attend the conference.


We accept a broad range of Python-related proposals, from academic reports to commercial projects and case studies. Suitable topics include, but not limited to:

  • Best Practices & Patterns

If you can use Python with Pythonic, you are welcome!
You can share your know-how about web, network, debugging what else.

    • Debugging

    • Refactoring

    • Deploy and Test Automation

    • Web Crawling

    • Network

  • Python Core (language, stdlib, etc.)

    • Basic Library

    • Memory Management, Python Core Logic

    • Meta Programming

    • etc..

  • Python Libraries

There are so many useful libraries in the Python ecosystem. Do you have a good library that you would like to introduce?

    • Useful Library

  • Science / Data

Data is important. How to deal with data is also important. Regardless of trends, talk about your important data.

Successful experiences as well as failed experiences are valuable.

    • Data Visualization

    • Pandas, numpy , etc..

  • Community

The most important part of the Python ecosystem is the community of Python users. If you are running a community related to Python, tell your own story.

If you have a technical blog, how do you write it? Waiting for announcements related to the community.

    • How to become a contributor

    • Python tech blog

    • Python community management

  • Other

Contains all topics related to Python that are not part of the above mainstream. The "geek" challenge with Python is good, and the tips are good too.

If you have a topic you want to introduce to the developer, it's okay if it's not related to Python.

    • Any topic that is not mentioned above but belongs anywhere that is ambiguous

Important Dates

  • Apr 3rd, 2017 : Opening for Call For Proposals
  • May 27th, 2017 : Closing of Call For Proposals
  • Jun 9th, 2017 : Announcement of accepted proposals


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