Registration Information

There are three different kind of tickets.

  • Earlybird (30,000 KRW)
  • Patron (from 100,000 KRW)
  • Regular (50,000 KRW)


We offer special discount (40%) ticket for those who really love PyCon so never care about the event details :) Only available to April 30th (KST, UTC +9) with limited amount. We're seeing the tickets quickly sold out in past events. So never miss this chance. You can buy early bird ticket from April 15th 12:00 (KST, UTC +9)


All conference attendees including event chair, volunteers, speakers pays for PyCon registration. This is beloved philosophy of PyCon. That way, we can achieve the attendees be part of the conference with equal status. [Everybody Pays]

However, in the other hand, the philosophy might be a barrier to someone who can not afford for the ticket or expense of traveling. We take this as another discrimination.

To solve this irony, PyCon APAC 2016 team has a financial aid program, providing funds to help people attend PyCon. Financial aid recipients have some part of their expenses (which can include registration, travel, accomodation) paid for with the PyCon budget. While we can't cover all expenses for everyone, we try our hardest to optimally allocate our budget. All budget from Patron ticket sales would go to financial aid fund.

A patron ticket price start from 100,000 KRW. but you can donate as many you want! A patron ticket include 1 regular ticket regardless how much you donate. Also, please keep in mind that a patron ticket is not able to cancel, refund, or transfer.


You missed early bird ticket? or it just sold out quickly? Don't worry. You can still buy a regular ticket. When early bird ticket sold out or early bird sales ends you can buy a regular ticket for PyCon APAC 2016.