Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks is a very short presentation lasting only a five minutes before closing the conference. You can talk anything!

  • Too heavy burden to presentation in main session, but want to talk.
  • Funny experience about IT.
  • Complaining...
  • Anything else, you want to talk other people.

All talks must be take 5 minutes. (Seriously !! After 5 minutes, staff will get the microphone from you )

You can see the previous Lighting Talks topic.

The proposal of Lightning talks will be open near the conference day. Please talk your interesting and extraordinary story!!

How to proposal to Lightning Talk!

1. Please prepare your presentation slide (PDF document) beforehand. (If you don't need any, you don't have to send it.)

2. Go to the registration desk and say, "I registered for the Lightning Talk" loudly.

3. Give the presentation slide to the staff. (USB preferred)

4. If the registration is confirmed, please go to the podium in Room 103, at least 10 minutes before the Lightning Talk starts.

N. B. Only 8 people will be accepted for the Lightning Talk everyday. (First come, first serve basis.)

Lightning Talk Board