Staff and Volunteers

PyCon Korea Organizing Team

PyCon Korea Organizing Team was organized at 2014 and we’re preparing second PyCon in Korea. With impassioned volunteers and devoted staffs, we successfully held the first PyCon Korea at 2014. (in alphabetical order)

  • Media Team

    • 김슬
    • 박조은
    • 박현우
    • 석우징
    • 신근우
    • 안정호
  • Support Team

    • 권국헌
    • 배권한
  • Sponsor Team

    • 김무성
    • 김현도
    • 박민우
  • Program Team

    • 김민지
    • 김애영
    • 김영근
    • 김정환
    • 나희수
    • 서승효
    • 서효원
    • 신예지
    • 조성수


PyCon is a community-based conference with passions and helps of pythonistas.

We're waiting your hands to make successful conference together! Please visit the application page to being a volunteer of PyCon APAC. And do not forget to buy a ticket before registration. Please refer ‘Everybody pays’.

Donghyeon Lim, Doohoon kim, Hassan Abid, Minjung Ko, Noah, Noh Seho, Tang Chiamei, Ted Yohan Park, Wonju Jeon, 강상훈, 강아름, 강현구, 고승완, 권경모, 김명준, 김무훈, 김선우, 김영석, 김영환, 김정근, 김정윤, 김주영, 김준현, 김현우, 김휘겸, 류경윤, 민병록, 박송이, 박시후, 박재평, 박현준, 박희찬, 백호석, 변민재, 신승연, 심샘, 안주은, 윤지은, 이승우, 이소은, 이수진, 이슬, 이유림, 이창욱, 임종욱, 임찬식, 장지창, 장지호, 장효원, 정은미, 정한웅, 정현주, 정회현, 조아라, 차영호, 최태균, 최현묵, 최희욱, 한상곤, 한진수, 홍연의, 황혜경


  • Jul 11, 2016 : Open the application page.
  • Aug 1, 2016 : Closing of application.
  • Aug 6. 2016 : Announcement of volunteers.

We have a lot of todo . See you at PyCon!

  • Registration Desk
  • Session Staff
  • Swag Bag Stuffing
  • Tutorial Support
  • Miscellaneous Support